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Warded Stone Edit

Warded Stone blocks are added by Thaumcraft, possibly with SMP in mind. They are essentially blocks that remember who placed them - and they are (nearly) unbreakable by anyone but that player.

When paired with Arcane Doors, a player is able to construct a fort that is (almost) impervious to outside interference - including other players!


They are (almost*) literally indestructable to anyone but the player who placed them. Even IC2 Nukes cannot destroy these blocks - when a set of 9 nukes was detonated inside a chamber composed of one-block-thick walls of Warded Stone, no terrain was damaged at all. They will not absorb the radiation effect, however, so bear this in mind.

Other players have been known to encase your impervious base with their own impervious blocks, preventing you from leaving your base. The Portable Hole is NOT able to tunnel through these blocks.

It also seems that you can't place Warded Stone with a Wand of Equal Trade, the game mechanics considering it as something/one else, and not you, placing the stone.

Research DetailsEdit

Required Research is Unified Thaumic Field Theory. This unlocks with the Warded Stone and Doors Research