In this vast plethora (lots of massive) of mods, there are several that introduce various weapons and offensive tools.

You make nearly, if not ALL, weapon types! So here is some info on what they are, how to make them, and effective strategies for thier use. (Please enter your own, if you find a good or better one!) (B indicates can block, 'A' indicates has an ability)



Broadsword (One most Minecrafters will be familiar with)B

Rapier (Good for fencing, funny that!)A

Breaker (AKA Buster Sword, good for high damage)B





Recipies & TacticsEdit


Longsword: The lunge is good, and if you strike your target whilst airborne, you will deal extra damage. You can use the lunge to get up two-high spaces, clear holes, and surprise people, as lunge is directional, you can control how and where you go. To clear a two-high wall, charge up lunge, then jump and release it. Surpsing people is both fun, and highly dangerous for your victim. (unfinnished)